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Related article: Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 12:05:56 -0400 From: british Subject: Adventure in Crete 1DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.Adventure to Crete - 1Nick Bright sat in Gatwick Airport feeling thoroughly pissed off. He knew he shouldn't feel that way - indeed he should be grateful that his parents had saved enough to take him and his sister away with them on their summer holiday. But he didn't feel guilty as he had hoped that at the age of 16 he would have been allowed to stay at home by himself.Nick had had it all planned out: he would stay at home and his oldest and best friend Chris Lomax would come over every day and they would hang out together. To be exact they would more than hang out and Chris would cum over Nick. Instead, here was Nick sitting in the departure lounge waiting for a flight to Greece and surrounded by old people or young families.Nick had known Chris since before he went to primary school and the two boys had been as close as brothers. They lived a few doors away from each other and they told each other everything. Thus when Chris had first discovered the enjoyment of wanking he had wasted no time in popping round and telling his best friend Nick all about it. From that time on the two boys had explored each other's bodies and expanded their knowledge of mutual sexual pleasures. The first thing they had discovered was that while Nick had a foreskin, Chris did not. What they found strange was that Nick's father was cut but Chris's father was not. One day they speculated that perhaps when they were born they had been mixed up but decided that the obvious difference in their dick shapes would have been realised at an early stage. Whatever the explanation neither boy had ever dared asked their parents about the strange phenomenon. They thought little about it and Nick enjoyed sucking and wanking the cut prick of his friend as well as the feel of the velvet skin on his shaft and the spongy head. Chris similarly enjoyed the same activity with Nick. He loved to see the teenager's foreskin rolling back over the head as it got hard. Chris saw the pleasure he could give Nick by licking the small piece of skin that joined the foreskin to the shaft just under the head. The two boys ate and swallowed each other's dicks and enjoyed the taste of each other's cum. While Nick's parents and sister were away, the two horny teens had planned to extend their activities and try to see whether they could learn the art of fucking each other up the arse.Instead of this, here was Nick sitting miserably in the departure lounge at Gatwick surrounded by his family. Nick's spirits rose slightly when he noticed a good looking teen about his own age heading to the toilets and he decided to check him out. Nick got up and announced that he needed to use the toilet and was much relieved when his father did not respond as he often did by announcing that he would go as well. Nick entered the toilets and was annoyed to find that his quarry had disappeared into one of the cubicle. His chance of quick look over the other teen was gone. Nick hauled out his cock and had a pee and was washing his hands when the teenager reappeared. The stranger smiled at Nick and asked where he was going. Nick replied that he was off to Crete and the other teen said, sadly, that he was going to Rome. The two boys looked at each other and just as Nick began to hope that he might get something out of this chance meeting his father appeared at the toilet door telling him to hurry as the flight had been called.It was therefore a sullen and rather frustrated Nick that sat in the aircraft on its flight to Crete. The teenager's mood was not improved by the absence of any people of his own age on the flight. It got worse as the bus taking the holidaymakers to their hotels travelled further away from the bright lights of the main city and its surrounding area. Nick and his family finally arrived at their hotel close to a village by the sea, but some distance from the main resorts.The hotel was welcoming and the manager explained that the swimming pool would be refilled the following day after they had finished cleaning it. Food was available in the hotel or at a local Taverna by the sea. The family decided to venture out into the village, which Bbs Preteen Models turned out to be very small, but the views were nice and Nick's parents assured him that there would still be plenty for him to do. The weather would be good and he could see the sights of the island as well as swim and sunbathe.The next day was sunny and clear and Nick got up early. He was relieved that he had a room on his own. This meant that he could at least indulge in his favourite hobby undisturbed. The previous night he had wanked himself off thinking about what might have happened at the airport and imagining sucking the other teenager off. Lying naked on his bed he had sprayed a jet of creamy jizz into the air which landed on his face, neck and chest. He had then scooped up his tasty load and fed it into his mouth. By morning his cock was hard and straining for more relief. Nick stepped into the shower and imagined he was there with Chris. As Nick soaped up his cock and rolled back the foreskin he imagined Chris taking it in his mouth and sucking him off. Nick's fist worked fast up and down his shaft and very quickly he was shooting volleys of cum onto the shower wall. Pleased though he was at the relief he had got, Nick was still depressed at the solitary nature of his wanking and wished there was someone he could share his sexual appetite with.Breakfast confirmed Nick's worst suspicions. There were no other teenagers in the hotel. The village seemed no better as most of the people living there were elderly and, in any case, Nick could not speak Greek. At least the swimming pool was full and with his parents' agreement, Nick was allowed to stay poolside while they took themselves and his sister off to have a walk and do some shopping.Nick returned to his room and changed into his tight speedos. These showed off his cock bulge to fullest effect, not that there was anyone to admire it. Nick strolled through the hotel to the pool and dived in. He swam several lengths and then climbed out and found Bbs Preteen Models a place by the pool where he could lounge about and dry off. The sun was hot and having nothing better to do, the young teenager drifted off to sleep. As he lay daydreaming in the warm sunshine, Nick's cock began to harden at the sexy thoughts that he was having. Suddenly the teen was awakened by a great splash of water that landed on his body. Nick struggled up and found himself looking at a dark, Mediterranean face that was exactly level with the side of the swimming pool and getting Bbs Preteen Models a full frontal view of the teen's bulging speedos. Judging by the face, Nick concluded Bbs Preteen Models that it belonged to a teenager a little bit older than himself. The boy in the water continued to smile at him and then began to speak, in heavily accented English,"Sorry to wake you so rudely. My name is Panos; my uncle is hotel manager and I deliver laundry to here every day from my father's shop. As a reward I am allowed to use the pool here and I did not see you until I had dived into the water and splashed you. I am sorry to wake you and interrupt a nice dream about your girlfriend."Nick realised that his speedos were tented up as his hard cock erected strained against the material. Obviously Panos had noticed and had commented on it. Nick smiled back in reply,"That's all right, it wasn't all that important anyway. By the way, my name's Nick."Panos continued to look straight at Nick's bulge and whispered,"If that's not important I shudder to think what you look like when thinking of something that really is!!"With that the Greek teen swam off laughing. Nick got up and dived into the water after him, catching him up easily. He stopped really close to Panos and trod water. Nick could see that Panos wore equally tight speedos and that they were as stretched as his were. The English teen dived down and swam between the Greek boy's legs 'accidentally' touching the bulge as he passed. When Nick's head bobbed into sight again, Panos dived down and responded in kind. Both boys were back treading water and an unspoken understanding passed between them. Panos leaned close to Nick and let his open palm rest gently on the English boy's bulge. Nick pushed slightly forward to encourage Panos to feel him properly and to place himself in a position Bbs Preteen Models from which he could respond to the Greek's advances by feeling Panos' bulging speedos. Panos whispered quietly,"If you want to, we can go somewhere quieter, safer."Nick breathed heavily as he replied,"Yes I'd like that. I'll follow you."Panos swam to the side and eased himself out of the water and, looking carefully around him, signalled for Nick to follow. Nick got out of the pool and followed a short distance behind. Panos led Nick round the back of the hotel and into a small corridor. After a few moments he stopped and carefully opened a door and then went in, leaving the door ajar for Nick to follow. As soon as he got inside the door Nick heard Panos lock the door behind them and as he turned the dark-haired Greek boy stretched out a hand and guided Nick's fingers to his throbbing bulge. Panos looked at Nick and whispered,"Will you suck it? If you suck me I would love to suck you afterwards, OK?"Nick's answer was to remove his fingers and sink to his knees and lick the Greek dick through the speedos. He was pretty certain that Panos was uncut and he worked on where he thought the shaft and head met. The Greek boy signed loudly as Nick's mouth worked on his dick through the fabric of his swim wear. Panos started to pull the waistband out and this freed the top of his cock. Nick could now see the dark skin of the boy's foreskin covered cock head and took over from Panos in removing the teen's speedos. Panos was naked in front of him and Nick continued to worship the Greek cock that swung and throbbed in front of his face. Nick moved so that he could insert his tongue in the folds of the foreskin and gently rolled it back over the head as Panos whispered encouragement,"Oh yes. Use your lips to uncover my head. Suck it gently and swallow my shaft. You are expert at this. Don't stop. Work me with your sexy mouth and tongue. Make me cum."Nick did not pause in his efforts but smiled up at Panos, who continued to offer encouragement,"That's it, Nick. Keep that up. I love to feel your mouth working up and down my cock. I love to see you bobbing up and down. It makes me very hot and excited. I won't be long now. Keep it up. Suck me off. Make me cum in your mouth and eat my cream. Don't stop now, Nick. I want to fill you with my Greek jizz. Here it cumms!!!!!"Panos stiffened almost visibly and his cock expanded in Nick's eager mouth and then it happened. Hot creamy cum fired out of the piss slit lodged in Nick's mouth and filled it with a load of warm spunk. Panos' spunk tasted different from that of Chris back in England, but Nick enjoyed the new taste and the new sensation and quickly swallowed the load that filled his mouth. He was about to loosen his grip when Panos grunted and shot a second load into his mouth. Nick swallowed most of this as well but was beginning to choke and pulled back off the still flared cock head. Grinning up at Panos, Nick opened his mouth to show off what he had collected and slowly the British teen rose to his feet and offered a taste of the cum to its owner. Panos took the offered jizz and ate it, smiling with satisfaction."That was great. I love having my cock sucked and you did it well, You must be very experienced. I hope you enjoyed the taste of my ball cream" Panos said to Nick."I loved it. It was different in taste from other spunk I've swallowed. I'm not very experienced but I do have a good friend back home in England and we suck each other a Bbs Preteen Models lot. But apart from him I've only ever sucked one other cock in my life." Nick replied. (A few weeks earlier he had sucked an uncut boy through a glory hole in a town centre toilet and had told Chris about it. Chris had suggested that they might try the toilets again after the holiday.)Nick still had his speedos on but a large wet patch showed where his free flowing pre-cum had leaked out and been absorbed by the swimwear. Panos moved his hands gently down the English teen's chest and eased the swimwear off the bulging cock. Then Panos lowered himself so that he was sitting with his face directly in line with the throbbing cock. Panos took hold of Nick's hard shaft and pulled the cock towards his mouth and as he did so he deftly forced the teenager's retracted foreskin back over the head. Pre-cum oozed out of Nick's piss slit and Panos used his tongue to hoover the juicy offering into his mouth and then used his tongue to play a kind of game with Nick's piss slit and foreskin. The Greek's tongue fluttered rapidly over the open end of Nick's foreskin and delved into his slit on the way. Nick was enthralled by the treatment and Panos seemed to be humming quietly to himself but then the Greek spoke again,"I like my first taste of English cock. I hope the cream in your balls is as good."Then Panos opened his mouth and began to move Nick's cock head into his mouth, using his lips to push back the foreskin as he went. Despite the fact that he had had a wank earlier in the day, Nick was aching for relief and started to face fuck the Greek teenager. Nick pushed his hips forward and ploughed his manhood into Panos' open mouth. The Greek boy swallowed the whole length and Nick felt his now exposed cock head enter Panos throat. Nick pulled out and then pistoned his length back in again. The horny English teen increased his speed as he felt the early tingling in his balls that indicated that they were getting ready to expel a load of jizz. Nick held onto Panos head as he rammed in and out of the Greek boy's mouth and Nick began to whisper in an excited tone,"I'm fucking your face and soon I'm going to fill you with my cum. Enjoy the taste of English teenaged cum. I'm getting very close now. Any second now I'll be filling your mouth with my hot spunk!!"Then Nick came. His cock throbbed and began to fire a full creamy load of juice into the waiting mouth and throat. Panos swallowed every drop. He was obviously enjoying the taste and licked the drops off Nick's cock head as the spray of cum began to draw to an end. Nick was breathing hard and as his cock became more sensitive and began to deflate he withdrew it from Panos' mouth.The two boys sat side by side in the room exhilarated and exhausted. Nick turned to Panos and thanked him for a very enjoyable morning and Panos thanked Nick for providing him with a tasty morning snack. Time was moving on and both teens knew they would have to leave and return to work and family but Panos said that he hoped that if Nick was available in the coming days they could meet again. Nick who had become increasingly aware that he enjoyed sucking cock as much if not more than having his own cock sucked readily agreed.Panos and Nick got back into their swimwear and the Greek teen carefully unlocked the door. He indicated that Nick should go first and suggested that he had a quick jump into the pool. Nick followed the advice and returned to the still deserted pool and dived in. After a few moments he saw Panos walking off in the direction of the front of the hotel and heard him driving away. Nick got out of the pool and went back to lying out in the sun. He was still lying there when his parents and sister returned. Looking down at his son, Nick's father said,"I suppose you've done nothing but swim and sunbathe all morning, eh Nick?"Nick smiled up at his father and replied,"That's about the size of it, Dad."To be continued....? If you like this story, please let me know as you comments are always encouraging and worthwhile. Email me at
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